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About Us

Official Site of Provicial Order of Engineers of Piacenza (Italy).

The Order of Engineers and there council operates under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice.

The Council of the Order:

1. guarantees the discipline through its members who have to carry out their duties with integrity
and diligence;
2. takes disciplinary measures;
3. insures that no abuse is made of the title of Engineer and that no unlawful profession is practised,
filing, in the positive, complaints with juridical authorities;
4. decides the annual contribution each member shall pay to the Order, enabling the financial
self-government of the structure;
5. Each three years, fix the fees its members have to keep for those Engineering services whose fees are not fixed
at the national level;(*)
6. gives its opinions on request of the public Administrations on professional-related issues.

(*) With law # 143 of 2 mars 1949 the fee are fixed at national level and in accordance with
law # 143 of 4 mars 1958, the minumum fee are fixed by the Ministry of Justice,
see the proposal of the National Council of Engeneers.

The law # 248 of 4 august 2006 (Law Bersani) has suppressed the minimum fee.

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